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Welcome to the Non-Partisan Delaware Website

Welcome to the Non-Partisan Delaware Website!

Non-Partisan Delaware is a ballot qualified political organization in Delaware, nominating and supporting candidates in elections and lobbying legislators during the General Assembly session to promote policies that protect the rights of Delaware residents and offer them the most opportunity to provide for themselves and their families. Each two-year Election Cycle, we choose several issues on which to focus our efforts. As we began the 2020-2022 Election Cycle at the end, this cycle and next will be focused on:

We will always focus on issues of fairness and transparency and accountability in government.

Keep scrolling for News and Updates, or follow the links on the side bar to the right (below the newsfeed on mobile) to connect to our social media communities and get involved. We hold monthly Meet & Greets in all three counties and someone is usually active on our Discord Server in between.

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Non-Partisan Delaware!

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Non-Partisan Delaware!

On June 19th, 2022, several Delawareans joined in Dover to form Non-Partisan Delaware, a ballot qualified political party eligible to nominate candidates for public office in the State of Delaware and dedicated to promoting an open dialogue between all Delaware residents to find consensus solutions to the issues that ail our state, and to promote those solutions through cultural and political activism.

Immediately following the organization's founding, several candidates were endorsed and nominated for the November 8th, 2022 elections.  These candidate included:

  • Joseph DiPasquale for Representative of the 41st District (Sussex County).
  • David Rogers for Representative to the US House.
  • John Machurek for Sheriff of New Castle County.
  • Aarika Nelson for Sheriff of Kent County.
  • William McVay for Representative of the 34th District (Kent County).
  • Roger Stemler for Sheriff of Sussex County.
  • Gwendolyn Jones for Senator of the 6th District (Sussex County).

Running on platforms focused on Criminal Justice Reform, Education, and Environmental Protection, it is our hope to prompt a statewide discussion of these issues without restricting possible solutions inside of narrow partisan parameters, and to help focus the Delaware General Assembly on these important topics over the course of the 2023 - 2024 session.

If you or someone you know is interested in helping with this effort as a candidate, we are able to nominated candidates until the statutory deadline of July 31st.  Please join our Discord Server and talk to our Governing Board about how you can help.

In approving the governing documents of Non-Partisan Delaware, the following founders have established the initial Governing Board to begin the long process of developing our organization's influence and encouraging a frank and open dialogue focused on solving Delaware's problems and moving our state and communities forward into the future:

  1. James Brittingham, Sussex County
  2. Joseph DiPasquale, Sussex County
  3. Mary Pat Dittmeyer, Kent County
  4. Christopher Garland, Kent County
  5. Gwendolyn Jones, Sussex County
  6. Brandewyne Kerchevall, Kent County
  7. John Machurek, New Castle County
  8. William McVay, Kent County
  9. Aarika Nelson, Kent County
  10. Steven Newton, New Castle County
  11. David Rogers, New Castle County
  12. Nicole Shaw, New Castle County
  13. Roger Stemler, Sussex County
As one of their first acts, the Governing Board established a Discord Server to serve as a 24/7 communications platform to assist with intake of volunteers and the governing of Non-Partisan Delaware.  Please join us there to learn more about our activities and ambitions for moving Delaware forward.