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Welcome to the Non-Partisan Delaware Website

Welcome to the Non-Partisan Delaware Website!

Non-Partisan Delaware is a ballot qualified political organization in Delaware, nominating and supporting candidates in elections and lobbying legislators during the General Assembly session to promote policies that protect the rights of Delaware residents and offer them the most opportunity to provide for themselves and their families. Each two-year Election Cycle, we choose several issues on which to focus our efforts. As we began the 2020-2022 Election Cycle at the end, this cycle and next will be focused on:

We will always focus on issues of fairness and transparency and accountability in government.

Keep scrolling for News and Updates, or follow the links on the side bar to the right (below the newsfeed on mobile) to connect to our social media communities and get involved. We hold monthly Meet & Greets in all three counties and someone is usually active on our Discord Server in between.

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