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Welcome to the Non-Partisan Delaware Website

Welcome to the Non-Partisan Delaware Website!

Non-Partisan Delaware is a ballot qualified political organization in Delaware. We are unique from many political organizations in that we do not have a fixed platform or policy goal. Our immediate short term goals are determined each election cycle by the NPD Governing Board through the development of an internal "Strategic Plan" and we focus on achieving those goals through public information activities, lobbying policymakers in coordination with our coalition partners, and supporting candidates for public office.

Our long term goals, officially, can vary over time with the evolving composition of our Governing Board and the nature of the relationships we develop as an organization and as individual members within it. We are working now in these early days to establish a reputation for thoughtfulness and to develop an internal culture—reflected through our short term goals—that emphasizes consent, tolerance, empathy, and equity.

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Sunday, November 13, 2022

Errors and Missteps

For those who have been following our website, waiting for updates, you have my personal apologies.

This post is being generated under my own name rather than under the NPD's profile as they are my own comments and do not represent the positions and policies of Non-Partisan Delaware.

Our first year was not as successful as it could have been, and I feel the need to take personal responsibility for many of those shortcomings.  NPD faced plenty of structural disadvantages and as a brand new organization we had limited means to begin with to combat them.  I do not wish to overstate my importance to our efforts or take credit for the successes of our candidates that occurred in spite of my failures rather that due solely to their own unique talents and dedication, but a better site here would've been helpful and because of me it didn't exist.

Overall, I'm thrilled with what we've achieved.  We went from an idiosyncrasy of Delaware voter registration law to 38,000 votes for 9 candidates in the space of 5 months, all with about 20 approved members.  That being said we could have done better, one of the main ways we could have done better was by maintaining and updating and completing this website better, and before I just start updating things having not done so for weeks like nothing was weird about that, I felt it owed to those who are following our website but not our Discord Server, Facebook Group, or other social media sites where we are more active, and may have been left out of the loop, this was on me.  I am the one with responsibility for the website and I did not update it or even really complete it in time for it to but used as effectively as it could have been in support of our candidates.

The Governing Board could've taken this responsibility away from me and given it to someone else, but there was no one else, so they were stuck with what I phoned in.

My bad.  We're going to do better next year.  There's going to be a lot of doing better next year.

Starting now.

Will McVay,
NPD Governing Board.